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09.06.2020 - Wendell Kimball
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03.06.2020 - Monty Toosey
_ Do you feel this came from the beginnings of a dysfunctional family system?
_ Or did this come from the loss of a beloved job or loved one?
_ Or did this come from dire effects from the disease of Alcoholism?
_ Or did this come from the brainwashing attempts of a fearful and angry world, i.e. terroristic recruitment?
Do you know that whatever caused this DEEP, DARK, BLACK HOLE OF DEPRESSION which may have come from a NE

27.05.2020 - Veda Cardus

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16.05.2018 - Saidi Balogun
The Oud Touch by Franck Olivier is characterized by a woody, musky & base of spicy and amber back. A very strong, long lasting and intense oud scent for men, this is one of the top sellers at often addressed by some customers as Frank Oliver perfume.

Top notes are orange, raspberry, toffee;

Heart notes are violet, patchouli, rose, olibanum and jasmine

Base notes are Amber, Musk and Vanilla

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12.05.2018 - Rich Oganiru
Nokia 1 comes with YouTube Go, designed to run faster and use less data while you view videos and stream. You can choose the playback quality and even download videos to watch offline later.

Follow this link to find out more about the amazing Nokia 1 and get it at a promo price of just N27,000 ---

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